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Daily classes in our sunny studio in the 20eme arrondissement of Paris. No reservation needed; come try a class!

vegetarian cooking

Regular cooking classes to learn about vegetarian & organic cuisine.








yoga studio paris nata 20th


Located at 28 rue Planchat in Paris, between the Père Lachaise cemetary, the place de la Nation and the place de la Réunion. Check out our weekly yoga and meditation schedule to find a class for you!





Our warm kitchen overlooks our south garden. It's the perfect spot to forget the stress of the city and discover new foods and friends. Check out our cooking class schedule to find something for you.


yoga and mindful eating


with Ananda Ceballos and Pamela Weber

4:30 - 8:30 PM

Come for a combined yoga practice + mindful vegan meal. 4:30 - Ananda Ceballos will teach an all-levels yoga class centered on stimulating your digetive fires, followed by a 30-minute meditation. 6:30 - Pamela Weber, founder of NATA and author of Yoga Food (Ed. Mango, 2016), will serve the vegan meal, served and consumed in mindfulness with Ananda's teaching and guidance.


Lacto-fermentation is an ancestral process that increases the number of enzymes and healthy pro-biotics in your food. Thanks to the growth of tiny micro-organisms, your digestive functions will be strengthened and your immune system reinforced. Come discover six easy-to-make recipes that will make your gut (and your taste buds...) happy!

yin yoga and meditation


with Elodie Bonnet

2:15 - 4:30 p.m.

Yin yoga is grounded in observation, meditation and acceptance of what is. Through long holds of restorative poses (1-6 minutes), gravity becomes the force that acts on resistance. Deep tissues are sollicited in a way that complements more dynamic yoga practices.

ayurveda afterwork


with Nathalie Babouraj

19h30 - 22h30

Say goodbye to the stress of the week in this interactive ayurvedic workshop. Carine Baudry, aroma therapist and tea specialist, will be our special guest for this session to share some magic soothing combinations that will enhance the sensory experience of this colorful ayurvedic meal.