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vegan desserts

6 October 2018
Gourmandise sans hantise 15h30 à 18h30
(3 heures)

-10% for NATA card holders
Chef : Pamela Weber

Who doesn't like dessert? The sweet touch at the end of a friendly meal or in the middle of a sleepy afternoon warms the heart and pleases the palate.


Discover classic desserts, Tarte tatin with caramel sauce and Tiramisu, made over without the butter, cream and eggs.


Pamela will also share her secrets for vegan baking with her favorite Banana Cake recipe. A surprise sauce will complement the sponge cake to a T.

mushroom festival

10 October 2018
Roi des forêts 19h45 à 22h45
(3 heures)

-10% for NATA card holders
Chef : Senêt Weber

Fall offers just the right conditions for mushroom harvesting. The forest earth is still hot from the summer and the fall rains produce the required humidity so that a multitude of spores can develop into the myriad of varieties that chefs adore for their delicate flavor.


In Chinese medicine, they are health concentrates, treated as a superfood. Come learn how to get all the flavor out of your mushrooms in this interactive class.


On tonight's menu:

• Japanese Shiitake Soup

• Ceps and griollles à la provençale

• Parisian button mushroom curry

• Surprise dessert !

essential techniques

14 October 2018
L'art de la découpe 14h30 à 18h30
(4 heures)

-10% for NATA card holders
Chef : Pamela Weber

If there's a skill to have in the kitchen, it's knowing how to use your knife. Here's the good news: you can totally learn this!


In this in-depth workshop, you'll learn how to handle a knife and get training in the main ways to cut and slice vegetables to make your cooking prep easier. You'll spend less time working all while improving the end results. You'll even experience more fun while you cook : transform it from a chore into a pleasure. We bet you'll even fall a little bit in love with your knife...


You'll also get to try some ultra-fresh, ultra-quick, ultra-healthy and ultra-tasty recipes from the veggies we'll cut in class. Wine is included with the meal! Don't miss this technical tune-up: you'll boost your confidence and your mood and leave with renewed enthusiasm for cooking. It's an investment that will keep providing dividends for the rest of your life!

the miracle of miso

18 October 2018
Un must de la cuisine veggie 19h30 à 22h30
(3 heures)

-10% for NATA card holders
Chef : Senêt Weber

The cornerstone of Japanese cuisine, miso is a veritable miracle-worker for your health.


Come learn how to make a true, hearty miso soup (not the watery kind served in Japanese restaurants) and learn other ways to use miso in your everyday cooking.


Students will prepare a seasonal menu including appetizers, soup, salad, a main dish and a dessert.  A seated meal will be served at the end of the workshop. Wine is on the house!