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yoga retreat

10 April 2020
Vivez la pratique le temps d'un long weekend 14h00 à 14h00
(4 jours)

before March 1, 2020!
Instructor : Pamela Weber et Aloÿs Berdoll

April 10-13, 2020 (Easter weekend)

La Ferme du Ravin bleu

Montigny-Lencoup, 1h 20mins from Paris


For the first time, NATA invites you to a weekend of yoga and meditation with Pamela Weber and Aloys Berdoll. Immerse yourself in nature and sustained practice over four days to make a real break with daily life.


Boost your classroom experience and see how intense practice, even for just a few days, can bring about great peace and vitality.


Choose between classes with Pamela in Vinyasa yoga or with Aloys in Hatha yoga. You will have 19 1/2 hours of classes in all: 12 with your selected teacher (in yellow on the program) and 7 1/2 with the entire group (in green on the program).


See the program.


See the Terms and Conditions (in French only).