Victorien Colin

Victorien grew up in the countryside among trees and animals, but in 2005, having moved to Paris to study Fine Arts, he discovered yoga. He continued to take classes regularly, experimenting with different styles such as Jivamukti, Hatha, Power Yoga, Prana Flow and others over the years. Finally, in 2011, he moved to Berlin and dedicated his new life entirely to practicing and teaching yoga.


His first teacher training was in Mysore with Noah McKenna and allowed him to deepen his practice of dynamic yang-style techniques, but his approach to yoga took a decisive turn with his training in Yin Yoga, which is slow and gentle. Since then, his teaching emphasizes respect for each student’s unique physical and emotional states.


Victorien loves teaching in a calm, safe, nourishing atmosphere to help his students understand simple adjustments each can do to meet oneself more fully on the mat. Such an encounter allow us to live more fully, that is with more spontaneity, grace and creativity.