and meditation class prices


30 min 45 min 60 min 75 min 90 min 120 min
Sample class** 5 € 8 € 10 € 13 € 15 € 20 €
Individual class 10 € 15 € 20 € 25 € 30 € 40 €

**One-time only offer

Annual cards

Card price hour price
5 hours 90 € 18 €
10 hours 170 € 17 €
20 hours 300 € 15 €
30 hours 390 € 13 €
  • Valable une année de date à date
  • Echéance non-prolongeable
  • Nominative, avec possibilité d'inviter des amis à vous accompagner. Leurs cours seront débités de votre carte
  • Donne droit à 10% sur les cours de cuisine


Unlimited Class Cards

Discovery Pass – ten days
80 €
2 weeks
110 €
One month
175 €
3 months
450 €
6 months
800 €
1 year
1350 €
  • Donne droit à une participation illimitée aux cours de yoga et méditation prendant sa validité
  • Strictement nominative
  • Donne droit à 10% sur les cours de cuisine



Prices indicated include all taxes (20% TVA; invoice delivered upon request)



Class fees are to be paid before the class begins


Cash, checks drawn on a French bank, and most major credit cards accepted 


Only one sample class and one Discovery Passport per person 


The 10-, 20-, and 30- hour cards are good for one year and can begin on the date of purchase or any other date chosen by the client 


If you have a 10-, 20-, or 30- class card, you may invite one person to class with you as long as you have enough hours remaining on your card. Your card will be debited for two classes 


Unlimited class cards can begin on the date of purchase or on any other date chosen by the client 


Unlimited class cards are strictly personal and cannot be shared or transferred to a third party. 


All of our classes and cards can be given as gifts. Ask for more information at our front desk or contact us through the web page 


Workshops, retreats and special events have special pricing and are not included in unlimited packages or 10-, 20- and 30-hour class cards

cooking class prices

Each cooking class has its own price. Check the fee for the class that interests you and register directly on-line using the links in the Cooking Class Schedule

Registrations cancelled at least 48 hours in advance will result in full reimbursement. If  you prefer, you can choose another cooking class at a later date and the fee that you paid will be applied to the new class.

Reservations cancelled less than 48 hours before a class or no-shows will not be refunded.


NATA retains the right to cancel a cooking class if the minimum number of persons are not registered 48 hours before the class. In such a case, clients will be fully refunded.