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mushroom festival

19 September 2019
Roi des forêts 19h00 à 22h00
(3 heures)

-10% for NATA card holders
230€ pour deux
offre non cumulable
Chef : Senêt Weber

Fall offers just the right conditions for mushroom harvesting. The forest earth is still hot from the summer and the fall rains produce the required humidity so that a multitude of spores can develop into the myriad of varieties that chefs adore for their delicate flavor.


In Chinese medicine, they are health concentrates, treated as a superfood. Come learn how to get all the flavor out of your mushrooms in this interactive class.


On tonight's menu:

• Japanese Shiitake Soup

• Ceps and griollles à la provençale

• Parisian button mushroom curry

• Surprise dessert !

intro to healthy gourmet cuisine

22 September 2019
Nourrir corps et esprit 11h30 à 15h30
(4 heures)

-10% for NATA card holders
300€ pour deux
offre non cumulable
Chef : Senêt Weber

Healthy gourmet cooking has two solid requirements: first, support optimal health of the individual, society and the planet. Next, do all that without sacrificing taste and the pleasure we get from eating.


You will benefit from the research of a new generation of chefs, experts not just in cooking but also in health and nutrition. They took up the challenge to create dishes or modify old-standbys so that they profoundly nourish body and soul, strengthening our vital organs and blood, all the while providing a veritable feast for the taste buds.


This workshop will be a lecture and culinary demonstration to introduce the main principles, techniques and health benefits of this gourmet cuisine. You will taste as we go. You'll have time for questions and you will go home with a booklet that will help you put it all into practice at home. Since preventing is easier than curing, don't delay in placing your health at the center of your diet.