Marie Panier

With over ten years practicing yoga, Marie Panier brings a realistic and sensorial approach to her teaching. Most recently, she has been interested in Vinyasa yoga and she completed her 200-hour teacher training in the studio of Gérard Arnaud (2016-2017), confirming her desire to teach.


In her classes, she puts an accent on the progressive awakening of bodily awareness using simple instructions for postures and anatomical alignments. By paying attention to sensations and breath, she will help you follow her classes centered on well-being.


Yoga offers a rich panel of tools to better understand yourself, manage your emotions and stay healthy. But it is out of the question to force the body or the mind into a posture or into a practice: everyone has to find his/her own path. Marie Panier will be there to guide you to your own pose and not impose hers!