Anna Frapreau

A lover of dance since childhood, Anna became interested in meditation and breathing practices as a way to cultivate her connection to the present moment and to the body. She began practicing yoga in 2015.


After working for ten years in personnel management in large corporations, Anna completed her teacher training in Hatha and Vinyasa yoga with Gérard Arnaud, earning her certificate in 2019. She complemented her studies with international retreats and an 8-week MBSR training program. She also studied pre- and post-natal at the Institut de Gasquet in Paris, also in 2019. Yoga is an incredible ally throughout pregnancy as she is discovering herself through the experience of her own first pregnancy, which began in mid-2019.


Anna views yoga as a continual apprenticeship which helps to focus on what is essential. Practice lets the superficial aspects of life fall away and has helped her unleash her creativity. She prides herself on teaching with joy and simplicity, giving a good deal of importance to precision and rigor, but also to gentleness and relaxation so that each student can find their own space of freedom.